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Kategoria:Chemia i Tworzywa sztuczne


Polecane firmy

FEBEX more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Jezioro Genewskie
Miasto: Bex
Ulica: route des Placettes
Telefon: +41 24 4630550
Faks: +41 24 4630589
Firm Rank: 0
Company specialised in Phosphorous derivatives 2 Productions line : - electronic grade phosphoric acid -Sodium Hypophosphite Some Specialities like Polyphopshoric acid, Hypophosphorous acid, THPC/THPS, Ca and Al Hhypophosphite[...]

Polyem S.a.r.l. more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Wschodnia Szwajcaria
Miasto: Montreux
Ulica: avenue de Collonge 8
Telefon: +41 21 9613383
Faks: +41 21 9613378
Firm Rank: 0
We provide you products of best quality, competitive prices and for shortest time until your door. We co-owners of vegetable oil refineries, as well as several chemical plants. Our products are well known in Europe.[...]


Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Genewa
Miasto: Nyon
Ulica: 12-14 Avenue Reverdil
Telefon: +41 22 9942880
Faks: +41 22 9942888
Firm Rank: 0
We are basically in recycled plastics business and manufacture various recycled plastics products like LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET FLAKES, ABS and other ancillary plastics recycled products. Also we have allocation of Iron Ore which we can supply in bulk quantity world wide. We also deal with HMS I&II Scrap worldwide.[...]

CIMAKA International GmbH more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Zurych
Miasto: Uster
Ulica: Seeblickstrasse 1
Telefon: +41 44 9424753
Faks: +41 44 9424754
Firm Rank: 0
We produce and deal with rubber parts and profiles acc. to your drawing and needs. The materials are FFKM, FKM, Silicone, Fluorsilicone, Thermosilicone, EPDM, NBR a.s.o. Also we deliver to our national and international clients PTFE encapsulated O-Rings, PTFE convoluted hoses up to DN 150 with PP, SS or PVDF braid. If you are looking for PTFE or Rubber products let us know and we offer our best prices.[...]

Allied Trade SA more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Genewa
Miasto: Geneva
Ulica: 39 Av de Miremont
Telefon: +41 22 8394200
Faks: +41 22 8394210
Firm Rank: 0
Allied Trade S.A. is a part of the Petrow Group, which employs over 500 people world-wide. CJ Petrow & Company was founded in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1954 and today the group turnover is over US$ 150 Million. We have offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Russia, Canada, Argentina, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Our activities include the trading of speciality raw materials, chemicals and preservatives for the food and cosmetic industries, steel and[...]

Abifor AG more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Bazylea
Miasto: Zurich
Ulica: Luegislandstrasse 27; P.O. Box
Telefon: +41 44 325 25 95
Faks: +41 44 325 25 99
Firm Rank: 0
For almost 50 years Abifor Ltd. has developed, produced and marketed thermoplastic hot-melt powders. We are a Swiss joint-stock limited company with Headquarters in Zurich / Switzerland and Production plant in Wutoeschingen / Germany. With our abifor®-specialities we are successful in all important industrial sectors throughout the world. As a result of this specialization of hot-melts we have build-up a know how to permit comprehensive system advice – from the choice of a suitable hot-melt powder[...]

Xiril AG more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Szwajcaria
Miasto: Hombrechtikon
Ulica: Garstligweg 2
Telefon: +41 55 254 40 10
Faks: +41 55 254 40 20
Firm Rank: 0

BGB Analytik AG more

Kraj: Szwajcaria
Region: Szwajcaria
Miasto: Böckten
Ulica: Rohrmattstr. 4
Telefon: 0041 61 991 00 46
Faks: 0041 61 991 00 25
Firm Rank: 0

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