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[Korea Południowa]Electronic Bidet WR510

We, leaptechno corp. , are the exclusive overseas sales representative for korean no. 2 biggest bidet maker. Our bidet products have been recognized as prime quality by our local customers. It is proven by the fact that we have 25% of market share here in Korea. Now we promise you to support with heart touching after-sales service and show you our great responsibility for quality that can not be taken if no 100% confidence on quality. Our bidet products have the function of water + air bubble which[...]


[Korea Południowa]Electronic Bidet WR300

Technical specification Water supply part Direct connection to water supplying line Wather pressure 0. 3~0. 74kgf / cm2 Clean part Water volume (clean) 1. 1l / min Water volume (bidet) 1. 1l / min Water temperature control Off: non 1st: 31c, + / -2c 2nd: 34c, + / -2c 3rd: 37c, + / -2c 4rd: 40c, + / -2c Water tank: 8L Capa of water tank: 7L Dry part Air temperature control Off: non 1st: 31c, + / -2c 2nd: 34c, + / -2c 3rd: 37c, + / -2c 4rd: 40c, + / -2c[...]


[Korea Południowa]Portable Solar Light

Recently developed this Portable Solar Light System will give you completely new experience of outdoor activities. This small, handy and easy-to-install product will take you any place you want to go such as camping, mountain climbing and fishing. This product is very good and useful for outdoor toilets in parks without using any electricity. You can use this light system at night for minimum 6 to 10 hours with only 3 hours solar charging. The longer charging, the longer using up to 24 hours.[...]


[Korea Południowa]Energy Saving Smart Exit Light

This newly invented and internationally patented energy-saving and maintenance free Exit Light uses almost no electricity, just about 0.5 watt per hour(0.5W/h) only. Our Smart Exit Light can also be used as an emergency light owing to its long lasting time of lighting in case of power failure. Its lifespan is semi permanent owing to our hi-tech and specialized technology on LED, which we adopted for this product. Also owing to our technology, we are able to supply you very thin and light[...]


[Korea Południowa]wallpaper mural

Mural wallpaper of 100,000 different designs provides customer to choice design, size and material they want. Using by eco-friendly water ink and qualified material, it gives special space and inspired feeling. Pre-pasted allows easy to install. - Material : Non-woven polyester (PVC) : Paper (Urethane coated, Duplex, Korean paper) - Size : 1 panel : 120cm x 240cm (Length x Height) 2 panels : 240cm x 240cm 3 panels : 360cm x 240cm We are[...]


[Korea Południowa]LED LAMP

Features: Energy saving : 80~90% less power consumption than incandescent lamp Eco-friendly : Mercury & Lead free No RF interference, No UV radiation , No flickering Long life time up to 50,000hours CE & RoHS compliant Instant soft start Body temperature less than 60 ℃ Application: Hotels Parks Houses Offices Corridors Market place Show windows[...]


[Korea Południowa]Curtain fabrics, either plain or print.

1) Jacquard 2) Printed on poly/cotton and burnt-out 3) Sheers on organza 4) Soft blackout in three layers 5) Hospital curtain fabrics 6) Silver Nano applied 7) Mirror Curtain 8) Fire retardant 9) Environment friendly products for Roman shade and etc. *The materials are 100% polyester, or polyester/cotton blend and are available in 150cm/60 inch to 297cm/117 inch width. * All are made in Rep. of Korea(R.O.K.)[...]


[Korea Południowa]Offer to sell Curtain Fabric

Introducing ourselves, we are a manufacturer & exporter of various types of Curtain Fabric for window use in Korea since 1979. Over 26 years we have been enjoying a good reputation with high qualities, Competitiveness and Delivery on time. We are sending this letter with a keen desire to work with your reliable company by supplying our products in the nearest days. Our products manufactured under ISO9001 & ISO14001 are as follows; 1) Jacquard 2) Printed on poly/cotton[...]


[Korea Południowa]Towel/Kitchen Towel Dryer

Our Towel Dryer has ample room & heat to dry and warm a full set of bath, face and hand towels saving on laundry and help to reduce dampness in poorly ventilated bathrooms preventing mold and mildew growth and they are the ideal way to dry hand-washables like sweaters and other delicate laundry items. So is our Kitchen Towel Dryer also for two sets of kitchen towels at the same time. You can save unnecessary laundry burdens by keeping your towels dry and fresh between uses. Our Electrail[...]



CyberTex Interior Covering (CIC) is an emerging and innovative interior décor solution with solid luminescent 3D picture panoramas on the walls and ceilings. It is one of the newest and fastest growing conceptions in the world. Combining fluorescence printing technology with digital 3D graphics creates the product. It creates a vivid effect under BLB lamp. This product works as a contemporary wall covering or murals on walls and ceilings and turns to a stunning 3D wall art under BLB illumination.[...]


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