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[Polska]ALMEMO 710

Rejestrator Almemo 710 Rejestrator będzie dostępny w sprzedaży od sierpnia 2013. Nowy rejestrator firmy Ahlborn z ekranem dotykowym 5,7". Będzie posiadał 10 wejść dla czujników w systemie Almemo zarówno analogowych jak i cyfrowych, będzie przystosowany do współpracy z multisensorami np. do analizy chemicznej i do analizy energetycznej. zapisywanie danych w pamięci 8 MB flash oraz na karcie Micro SD. Sterowanie poprzez ikony ekranu dotykowego. W ofercie zapowiedziane są również[...]



[Tajwan]Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100

Meicheng Multimedia Recorder (MMR) DSS-R-CL1100 or you can call it VGA Recorder; can help instructors to accumulate their course knowledge rapidly in a short time without any technological skills. We have received inquiries from many domestic and oversea education institutes. With the ability to broadcast high resolution, high quality video at up to 30 frames per second, along with support for a stereo audio, MMR makes the ideal presentation solution. No software is required; no hardware needs to[...]


[Tajwan]High definition HD/SD Digital AV Mixer

CMX-12 is a high definition HD/SD Digital AV Mixer. Each input BUS supports 6 inputs (2 x HDMI, 2 x Component, 2x S-Video and Composite video) and also Background Color for special efficiency. The output supports 1 x HDMI, 2 x Component, 2 x S-Video and Composite video, it also supports position adjustment and recording. The output supports HD/SD resolution for example, NTSC, NTSC-4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAN-N, SECAM, 480p, 576p, 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60. The output resolution can auto adjust to consistency[...]


[Tajwan]Wireless Tour Guide System

Meicheng Tour guide system WT-480T / R is a UHF wireless tour guide system which performs better signal quality to get low s / n radio (signal noise) than VHF does. The WT-480R receiver has a hang-type earphone, simultaneously transferring 16 selectable channels and 6 channels parallel without interference. This system includes rechargeable batteries. Simply plug in the charger directly (HDC-30, HDC-202) for a long time use. Our tour guide system could be a tour guiding tool in museum, factory, gallery,[...]


[Chiny]Portable LED night light

LED Portable Night Light is a brand new fashionable product that entirely overturns the domination of common lights. The secret lies in the 100-hour battery life, the unique wrist rope design, which is convenient for outdoor use, and the four stylish colors available. These features have extended its functionality and application scope to the utmost extent. It's not just a light, but a furniture ornament and a fashionable adornment also. Enjoy the suitability for all possible situations: toilet[...]


[Chiny]50mm, 1500W, 15000N Magnetic Core Drill

Model No.: CE9050A Input Power: 1500W Rated Speed: 100-500RPM Hole Drill: 12-50mm Twist Drill: 23mm Max Attraction: 15000N Max Travel: 180mm Rotated Axis Taper: MT3 Drill Depth: 50mm Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool Approval: CE[...]


[Chiny]32mm, 1050W, 85000N Magnetic Base Drill

Model No.: CE3200 Input Power: 1050W Rated Speed: 0-650RPM Hole Drill: 12-32mm Max Attraction: 8500N Max Travel: 120mm Rotated Axis Taper: Weldon Shank Drill Depth: 50mm Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool[...]


[Hong Kong]Air Differential Pressure Switch

INTRODUCTION: Series of AF930 Air Differential Pressure Switch can be used to sense (differential) pressure and flow of air in ducts and pipes. Typical applications include: l Filter obstructive alarm. l Maximum air flow controller for variable air volume systems. l Air proving in ventilation ducts. l Burner air control l Overheating protection for Electric Heater with blower Technical Specification: Type Adjust Range Return Difference Deviation [...]


[Chiny]38mm, 1050W, 2 Variable Speed Magnetic Drill

Model No.: CE9438 Input Power: 1050W Rated Speed: 0-500RPM & 0-800RPM Hole Drill: 12-38mm Twist Drill: 23mm Max Attraction: 12000N Max Travel: 180mm Rotated Axis Taper: MT2 Drill Depth: 50mm Tap Capacity: M8-M16 Drill Mode: Hand Cool Mode: Self-cool[...]


[Chiny]christmas tree

Fiber Christmas Tree The plastic pine needle optical fibe Christmas tree is a new product emerging in recent years and is more like the natural pine tree in the aspects of texture ,appearance,color and etc. Compared with the tradition PVC rubberized plastic Christmas tree, and is a new generation ide- alreplacement for the natural pine tree. These is the trend of the market requirement in the future years. The 3-10 feet optical fiber pine needle Christmas tree produced by our factory can[...]


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