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Transagent Lehag Handelsagentur Gesellschaft m.b.H more

Kraj: Austria
Region: Wiedeń
Miasto: Wien
Ulica: Innstrasse 16
Telefon: +43 1 71475490
Faks: +43 1 713883919
Firm Rank: 0
The company Transagent Lehag is the largest commercial food agency in Austria and has worked together with well-known customers in food retailing, the food industry and importers and wholesalers with great success for more than 30 years. We act as broker between supplier and client offering to our customers all levels of quality from various sources at the most common package sizes and types both under seller’s and buyer’s brands. CANNED FRUITS: Peaches, apricots, pears, fruit cocktail,[...]

Natur4u KEG E.Boskova more

Kraj: Austria
Region: Wiedeń
Miasto: Vienna
Ulica: Weißgerberlände 54/5
Telefon: +43 1 9432054
Faks: +43 1 9206035
Firm Rank: 0
The company is working mainly with the DF Fruits and Vegetables from the Balkan Region, Hugary and Polan. Own Line of natural without artificial aroma or konservans Products "Sonnenschein", esspecialy typical Macedonia Specialities as : Ajvar, Grilled red Paprika, Alma Paprika ( round) in pieces or stuffed with Kraut in yellow or red colour, Hot Paprika - small and round ( like a Bonbons) in yellow or red coulour, Paprika and Hot Paprika with fulled with cheese. Leitmotov: The natur[...]

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