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[Włochy]Polyurethane equipment for automotive industry

R.M.P.A. manufactures a wide range of Conveyors, Turntable and Carousel Molding tracks, Foaming Robots or stationary mould clamps for the production of all kind PU items.[...]


[Włochy]Ball pin shift (shifts, machine tool parts, machine tool)

Ball pin shift for automotive system change marches. Produced in steel 11S available MnPb37Ks in different dimensions beginning from the diameter of the sphere.[...]


[Włochy]Ecologic Auto-Truck device

We are looking for esclusive national distributor/partner to develop a project for our super-referenced and innovative product ,called Supertech (riductor emission). We underline that our product was been convalideted in 18 countries worldwide, and is an optmizer of gasoline and petrol able to reduce the consumption as well the emission/pollution. The products is well described in our web site and there are no competitors because is the only one able to work inside the gasoline/petrol tank. If[...]


[Włochy]Exhaust system for motorcycles

Exhaust system for motorcycles: sport type, enduro, motocross and atv's (dirt bikes)[...]


[Włochy]Helium filling device

It's a Helium filling device with single filler suitable for charging Helium or nitrogen or a mixture into the refrigerant circuit. The unit is capable of performing a complete operating cycle including the following phases: Vacuum leak test; High pressure gas injection; Pressure leak test and gas discharge (or recovery with the He recovery unit). Jetto is available with or without the integrated leak detector.[...]


[Włochy]Radial - Axial fatigue test machine for alloy wheels

Radial Axial fatigue test machine The machine allows the simulation of an endurance fatigue test on car wheels subjecting them to radial and axial fatigue stress and holding the test conditions in time. In the machine station it is possible to stress a rim with radial and axial loads at the same time. The testing machine perfectly complies with Standards SAE J328/1204, ISO 3894, FIAT 7-B8000. It is composed of a soldered steel base on which one station or two stations can be mounted.[...]


[Włochy]Impact Test machine for alloy wheels

This machine carries out impact-tests on wheels (rim + tyre) with maximum Æ="1200" mm in accordance with standards ISO7141/SAEJ175. It will guarantee that the test completely complies with the requirements of the aforementioned standard. Option A): the offer hereunder includes also a quotation of an optional equipment for JASO C608 standard test execution (wheel with 30° slope). Option B): the offer hereunder includes also a quotation of an optional equipment for JIS D 4103 standard[...]


[Włochy]Infrared leak detector - PLD1000

PLD1000 is the new POLO leak detector based on infrared technology. This type of sensors are well known for the no false alarms and for the high accuracy in leak detection. Also the life of the infrared sensor are higher than the halogen one. The minimum detectable rate is 0,3 g/a and the minimum detectable increment is 0,1 g/a. The basic instrument can be equipped with the following sensor/s: R134a, R600a, R404a, R407c, R410a, R22 (others on request) Any unit can have up to 2 sensors[...]


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